The Ostend Company

In the era of the great discoveries, the “Ostend Company” overwhelmed the European markets with the supply of exotic products, from far, until then unknown regions in East- and West- Asia: dazzling fabrics(such as silk and cotton), porcelain, but also exquisite teas and intoxicatingly fragrant spices(such as mace, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and saffron). Around 1725,almost 60% of the supply of tea in Western Europe was auctioned in Ostend and the city became the"nec plus ultra" of the spice trading industry.

In the wake of this glorious Ostend trade company Fag Creative Foods looks out the world in search of the finest delicacies, products of the highest quality, finely crafted and often based on ancient recipes and traditions. The current range, brought together by Fag Creative Foods is impressive. Join the world of the Fag-caravel and sail along with us through “the Ostend shipping channel", providing a surprising culinary discovery tour along distant shores and horizons. Driven by the same curiosity and commercialism as the Ostend Company, Fag Creative Foods brings only the best of the world in your home: from exotic caviar pearls, sundried tomatoes, peppers and olives, to the finest Iberian ham. Ask for our extended product range.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fag Creative Foods operates a policy of responsible purchasing. In the choice of our national and international partners and in the composition of our recipes, we try to take the protection of health and the environment into account as much as possible. On top of that, we respect the fundamental human rights. Responsible consumption- 2009 SME Ambassador for Kyoto.

Genomineerde KMO laureaat 2008Golden Bridge export awardAmabassadeur voor Kyoto 2009