Fag, yesterday’s quality, today’s progress.

To make a paté, tureen or mousse of the very highest quality norm from nothing but the finest ingredients. To pack them with care, up to individual customer specifications.

To make them to order only, so as to ensure that every ingredient is as fresh as can be when delivered. To oven-bake them at high temperature, so that their superb flavour will last longer.

Those are the “commandments” we follow for every single one of our 132 different varieties of delicious paté made of meat, game, poultry, fish and vegetarian, here at Fag Creative Foods, a family business that resolutely defends the ancient tradition of high-quality foods. A typical Ostend firm. One more reason (as if it were needed) to spend some leasure time in the pearl of the Belgian coast.

Private Label

Considering the rising demand for Private Label products, customised solutions are searched for, in dialogue with the customer. Even co-branding can offer a solution in certain cases.

Custom made

"Tailor-made" applications are applied in the foodservice. Mousses for appetizer manufacturers, vegetable cubes, fish and/ or meat, mixes meant for industrial application, sauces for prepared dishes,... Your order is our challenge!